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Continuing our chat with the lingerie-clad vlogging comedians!

Last week, we began our chat with Cate Imperio and Sam Fairley aka the brains and the bras behind "Unlicensed Professionals" their rude, nearly nude, and boundary pushing weekly video show.

Cate's story took up part one of our show and it was hair-raising--drugs, drink, Catholic school, rehab and band management. Now it's Sam's turn to tell her story and at the end, we get to talk to both of them.

They are regular guests on Dr. Susan Block's TV show, NSFW! NSFW! where they are up for damn near anything.

You can follow their exploits over at Electric SEX Enterprises on Vimeo.

Topics discussed include:

Sam’s story growing up in Tahoe and her family
A brief mention of Reno by way of Burning Man
The Reno zoo, which sounds really depressing
Sam’s Catholic School experience
How Sam got to Santa Barbara
Why male roommates are better than girls
All about scabies
Cate and Sam's dynamics
The DTease and how Cate wound up managing them
How the DTease may turn you into an erotic animal
Erotic awakening vs. UCSB's hookup culture
Crying 4 Kafka and how Cate and Sam got on Susan Block's show
Is it porn or is it art?
Going to the Adult Video Convention in Vegas and what they learned
Their AVN shwag
The upcoming year and new projects
Their boundaries and what they wouldn't do

Here's the band Cate manages (and performs with alongside Sam) the DTease:

Here's the "You'll Never Believe!" video we talk about (NSFW!!)

Find Unlicensed Professionals on the Web, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube


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Lingerie-clad vlogging comedians!

Cate Imperio and Sam Fairley have a NSFW weekly video series called "Unlicensed Professionals" in which they deliver a barrage of humor, criticism, pet peeves, and observation, all dressed in bra and panties and more (and sometimes less). A year in and they've got their weekly podcast down to a science, tackling
sex, sexuality, hyena mating, drawing with your butt, and other freaky topics like the Golden Globes.

Their persistence has paid off and they're now frequent guests on Dr. Susan Block's Internet TV show, where they are up for damn near anything, but always with sarcastic humor and wit. They DGAF, as the kids say.

Here's a taster:

Unlicensed Professionals: 1 Year Anniversary Show from Electric SEX Enterprises on Vimeo.

And here's their 100th episode!

Unlicensed Professionals: 1 Year Anniversary Show from Electric SEX Enterprises on Vimeo.

I split this podcast into two parts, the first with Cate and the second with Sam (next week). It was an extra long discussion, and it was a nice dividing line, so be sure to check in next week. As you might guess the conversation is heavily explicit and contains many swears. Put in those earbuds!!

Topics discussed include:
Their first podcast
The problem with dressing as a guy
How the two met
The weirdest reactions to their act
Making fun of gluten free trends
Cate growing up in Long Island
How she maneuvered Catholic School
Cate’s family history and long convoluted drug history
Her very brief time in New Orleans
Pot smoking in NYC compared to Santa Barbara
How Cate finally quit drugs
Her “Bjork Swan” phase

Find Unlicensed Professionals on the Web, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

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The Yarnbomber at Lizard's Mouth in the Santa Ynez Mountains

Yarn bombin' artist, entrepreneur, and eternally curious man

Stephen Duneier is not the only Yarnbomber in existence, but he is the first to grab the domain name. "It was a way to deflect attention from myself," he explained in our talk.

For those who were hiking Santa Barbara trails in 2012, you might have heard of the tree or the boulder that was wrapped with yarn. And while Stephen Duneier isn't the first to do this, the photos of his work took off and suddenly people the world over were contacting him with their work, donating work, and more.

The man behind the yarn is equally fascinating. He's a former hedge fund manager who likes to challenge himself, give himself tasks, and learn everything. In this way, he kind of reminds me of people like Tim Ferris, who are obsessed with what they call these days "life hacking." But if you look back in history, you'll find a lot of these autodidacts, who tried to figure out how to learn things quickly, if not adequately. (Leonardo daVinci is one of the most famous.)

In this discussion we go back to 2001, where everything changed for him.

Topics discussed include:
How the iPod changed Steve's life into "living life deliberately"
How Steve learned German intensively
Setting resolutions and being naturally curious
How to use peer pressure
Breaking through the mystique level
Learning racing under Skip Barber
Bija - the seed of future results
Breaking down your goals into small tasks
2007 - a year hiking every single trail in Santa Barbara
2009 - Reading 50 books in a year
Christopher McDougall's "Born to Run" and going barefoot
"Mindful hiking"
The best hiking trail in Santa Barbara
2012 - Learning 12 new things; and 12 charitable things
Learning unicylcing and then...knitting
Steve's first yarnbomb
Woza Moya from South Africa
Crochet Grenade
Being called an artist and what it means
How and why artists devalue themselves
How yarn bombing adds value
The future of the "Alien Campsite"
Growing up from Long Island to Florida to Santa Barbara
Where he learned his entrepreneurial spirit
His other life as a economic newsletter writer/former hedge fund manager
Plans for this year and beyond
"You need to produce" and how not to waste time

You can follow Yarnbomber on his site or his Facebook or his Twitter

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A live version of the FZ podcast at the Psyched opening

Howdy folks! Having presided over a few art talks recently at MichaelKate Interiors--a swanky furniture store in the heart of the FunkZone that also puts on art shows--I asked to turn the last one into a live podcast. The intro you hear is the usual, but the recording happened Friday, March 6, 2015 at the store, sitting on comfy couches with the three artists in the show: Deborah Lee Baker, Joaquin Howard, and Elmira Lilic.

The show, "Psyched" was curated by Jess Hinds, who, like Ms. Lilic is/was a model, and that's how they met. All three artists are from L.A., and are tied to Ms. Lilic in a professional way...working in the same building. That's how it happens, folks! One day you're checking mail in the break room and the next you are hanging your work 90 minutes to the north.

Here's a brief bio/description of each artist, but for the full deal, listen to the podcast!

lilic 2 lilic

Elmiria Lilic works at the non-profit Playground of Dreams, paints and sells her cards on Etsy.

dlbaker  dlbaker2

Deborah Lee Baker has a PhD in Counseling Psychology and you can check out her paintings here.

howard  unnamed

Joaquin Howard is a painter, songwriter, novelist, chef, photographer, actor, podcaster, jewelry maker and other things as well. He has a site here and a Soundcloud and Instagram.

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Fine artist and former graphic designer

Maria Rendón recently finished her Masters at UCSB and has a new show up at SBCC's Atkinson Gallery to prove it. Called "Missing Rib," it's a collection of her watery acrylic abstracts that float on the paper's surface, and offer ghostly shapes that recall Francis Bacon and maybe a little bit of David Lynch or Picabia. Influenced by the Mexican surrealists, she left Mexico City to study at the Art Center in Pasadena.


Topics discussed include
Missing Rib - the new show and the reference
Working with watery acrylic
That fine line beyond representational art
What to do with people's interpretations
Her childhood as a young existentialist
The influence of Remedios Varo
Her transition to graphic designer, "a thinking illustrator"
What's the division between graphic design and fine art?
The process of unlearning and turning off parts of the mind
Her working process
"I'm always in the middle of something"

Other people and things mentioned
Matt Mahurin
Phil Hayes
Dwight Harmon
Joel Nakamura
Gilles Deleuze on Francis Bacon
Nicola Tyson
Félix González-Torres

Missing Rib is up through March 27, 2015, at the Atkinson Gallery.

She has a website here and her graphic design work is here.

Meanwhile, I will be moderating the artist talk at MichaelKate, Friday, March 6, called "Psyched Out" where I'll be chatting with Deborah Lee Baker, Joaquin Howard, and Elmira Lilic.

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