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April 2015
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KTYD DJ and classic rock racounteur

If you do the morning drive in Santa Barbara, then you'll know Lin Aubuchon as the voice of KTYD's morning show. For those out of town KTYD is our city's long-lasting, well-loved classic rock station.

Lin visited the 404 "Studios" for a relaxing sit-down chat about her career and growing up in Santa Barbara, and how she's spent most of her life in radio.

Topics Discussed include:
Her new syndicated show with Steve Traxler
The status of classic rock in Santa Barbara
J.R. Richards of DishwallaSoul Majestic
Her favorite rock band
Meeting David Crosby
Some stories about La Super Rica
Growing up in Santa Barbara
Her original name and where it came from
Her Mom's record collection
Her first 45 and album
Her first job…at a radio station
Her first husband Remi Aubuchon
Living in Las Vegas
Working for EAT'M music conference
The lifestyle difference between Las Vegas and Santa Barbara
Is there a playlist at KTYD and/or Clear Channel?
Why is Bob Marley the only reggae artist on KTYD?
A classic rock song even Lin is tired with
Problems with music venues in town
Will there be classic rock acts in the future?

Check out Lin's new syndicated show Under the Covers Radio and of course give props to KTYD


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Owner of Sullivan Goss Gallery

Frank Goss has been a tastemaker in the Santa Barbara arts scene since 1994 after opening his gallery with his wife Patricia Sullivan Goss. This year is one of changes: he's selling the building that hosts the gallery and its adjacent cafe, and keeping the gallery next door. Plus, he is hoping, through Kickstarter to put out a monograph on the artist Ray Strong.

Keeping a gallery going in Santa Barbara is not easy, and so we sat down for a chat about the art scene, commerce, his history, and more.

Topics discussed include:
Dave Hickey's art critique and the current state of the art business
Government funding of the arts back in the day
The business of running an art gallery
How he quickly learned hard lessons when opening his first gallery
His "welcome" to Santa Barbara from the owner of the Earthling
What kind of people buy art generally, and who buys art in Santa Barbara
How Montecito views Santa Barbara
The crossover of the non-profit and profit gallery worlds
The art coming out of our colleges
Who can afford to make art and live as an artist
Frank's college background, and his dad's career in jet propulsion
His engineering background
A childhood memory of art and Rodin
The rise and fall of printmaking and selling
More ruminations on contemporary art
The taste of Santa Barbara and why we're still perplexed by abstract art
Will Santa Barbarans buy art made by Santa Barbarans in Santa Barbara?
Goss' favorite non-living Santa Barbara artists: Thomas Moran, Edward Potthast
Ray Strong and Sullivan Goss' Kickstarter
The future for art in Santa Barbara

You can find Sullivan Goss online, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Lucky Penny Poets at "Indies First Storytime Day" in Santa Barbara


Santa Barbara's Poet Laureate

Just over a decade ago, the Santa Barbara Arts Commission decided to create its own Poet Laureate position, where one of our city's many poets gets to serve for two years, being called on to create poems for official city functions. Past laureates have included Barry Spacks, Perie Longo, David Starkey, Paul Willis and Chryss Yost. Although she helped create the position, initially Sojourner Kincaid Rolle had no desire to accept the title, but this year, the thirty year citizen of SB decided, what the hey.

This being National Poetry Month, I reached out to Sojourner and asked her to be on the podcast. We found a quiet room at the library and sat down for a freewheeling chat, about her life, her influences, and her work. Oh, and we get her to read four of her poems, including her epic "Black Street." This is a chat full of references, and I've tried to link to as many as possible below.

Topics Discussed include:
What happens in Santa Barbara when you become a Poet Laureate
Working with youth in Santa Barbara
How rap has helped poetry
Tupak Shakur's The Rose that Grew from Concrete
A theory of creeks and young people
Her job at the New York Public Library and getting involved in the Civil Rights Movement
Where she was when MLK was assassinated and the play that came out of it
Where she learned poetry and what it took to get her to write her first mature poem
Nikki Giovanni
Her activist lineage
Her problems with Allen Ginsberg and her answer to Howl: "Black Street"
Her influences
William Stafford, her mentor
Quincy Troupe
Langston Hughes "A Negro Speaks of Rivers"
Her routines and how she writes

You can find some of her books here
And her Facebook is here

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Founder of Skateboard magazine and the Santa Barbara Surf Museum, and collector of ephemera

I met Jim O'Mahoney when I wrote an article about a documentary on the Signal Hill Speed Run, and visited him at his museum. I soon got a tour of the residence behind the Museum, where I entered a wonderland of the weirdest stuff I've ever seen. The two museums O'Mahoney runs display only a tiny fraction--like one drawer compared to a house full of cabinets.

Then we got talking about his history and that's where I learned his storied past and how essential he was to skateboarding history. I've invited O'Mahoney to bring some of his collectibles to my "Specimen" show in 2013, and he didn't disappoint. I knew at some point he'd make a great guest on the podcast.

Topic discussed include:
A quick audio tour of just one room in O'Mahoney's place
"Progress" in the FunkZone
Growing up in Long Beach
His dad, Jacques O'Mahoney (The Range Rider, Yancy Derringer)
Lili St. Cyr
His Mom's modeling school
His first skateboard
The big evolutionary leap in skateboarding: 1974
Starting Skateboard Magazine, setting up the U.S. Skateboard Association
How Santa Barbara was the first venue for skateboard racing and freestyle
How David Frost led to the Signal Hill Speed Run
The first editorial board of Skateboard Magazine
Why did Santa Barbara birth skateboarding?
Mt. Baldy
The first wave of skate parks
Hangglider Magazine and his hanggliding accident
A brief story of the hangglider accident in Santa Barbara
How the USSA spread worldwide
The Signal Hill Speed Run
How Jim Fitzpatrick made skate parks viable again
Big Wheels and this video
Living in Mammoth and the first snowboards
How he got into collecting and antique store ownership
Moving to Santa Barbara
Starting the Surf Museum and the goodies inside
Traveling the world (twice) when he was a kid
His friendship with Jimmy Buffet
His skater friends
What rock stars actually skate?
The future of the FunkZone
What's his favorite object in his collection?
His role model

The Surf Museum is located at 16 Helena Ave. #C, Santa Barbara, CA
And online here.

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