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January 2016
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Artist, writer, etc. Jonathan Crow photographed in his Los Angeles, Ca home.
Artist, writer, etc. Jonathan Crow photographed in his Los Angeles, Ca home.

Artist of Veeptopus, who put octopuses on vice presidents' heads, as well as filmmaker and writer!

Today on the show we have artist and fillmmaker and writer Jonathan Crow, who is currently making his name with the success of his Veeptopus series, pen and ink watercolors of every single vice president with an octopus on their head. He was just recently featured on BuzzFeed and also on Huffington Post, and, if you haven’t seen these works, let’s just say you’ll learn a little bit of American history and you’ll learn a little bit of marine biology along the way, and when was the last time you could say that?

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.23.52 PM

What also makes this episode special, apart from cephalopods, is that Jonathan Crow is one of my dearest and oldest friends, and we’ve kind of shadowed each other creatively since we first met back in Japan, after we had both graduated. We didn’t know each other at first—I was from Santa Barbara, and he was from Boston—but we soon found ourselves in the same circles and we found that we had the same tastes, and not many others did. And so began a friendship that’s lasted to this day. We know where all the bodies are buried after many, many years of debauchery, however we don’t talk about that on the show for legal reasons.

2015-11-13 18.57.11

So expect an interview shot through with reminiscences, especially because when we were recording this, Jon was in the process of moving his family up to Silicon Valley from Los Angeles. We tried to not make it too insider-y for you all and I hope you enjoy it.

You can find Jon’s work at Veeptopus and follow him on twitter at jonccrow. He's also on Etsy. And on Instagram. He's everywhere!

Also! Here's that Russ Meyer film we discuss at length:

But we didn't know at the time it wasn't Russ Meyer's voice, but the incredible John Furlong.

And the trailer to Blind Beast:

And Possession:

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Up and coming jazz/classical/hiphop flautist and viral superstar!

Azeem Ward is the unlikeliest of Internet sensations, but the flautist who just graduated UCSB, who plays not just jazz and classical, but hip hop and flute beatboxing, became one last year. His Facebook invite to his senior recital was seized upon by some Internet wag in the UK and suddenly, Mr. Ward had tens of thousands of people RSVP'ing to his show. For a brief moment in May 2015, he was a thing. You may have seen him on Jimmy Kimmel:

But what was he really about, what was his music, and what does he plan to do next? This episode, recorded January 4, 2016, finds out. (Spoiler: he's a thoughtful, soft spoken guy.)

UCSB Amplified: Azeem Ward & Underbelly Pop Up Performance from UC Santa Barbara on Vimeo.

UCSB Amplified: Azeem Ward from UC Santa Barbara on Vimeo.

Azeem is not just a classical flautist, but he's interested in all genres and after our interview was off to play a jazz hip hop set with his DJ, DJ Underbelly. You can find Azeem at and on SoundCloud here.



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Stand-up comedian and host of Playboy's Undercover

Kate Quigley is a stand-up comedian and currently host of Playboy TV's Undercover, where she investigates sexual fetishes. We talk about that, her penchant for hanging out, and even performing sets in, bikinis, tips for stand-up, and much more. I want to thank Sindy Godfrey for setting up this interview and the folks at the Lobero for helping set up a room for us to record in. Kate was in town for the LOL Comedy Fest and hers is one of two interviews I managed to get for the FZPodcast.

You can follow Kate on Twitter and Instagram at kateqfunny and check out her website here.

You can also listen to her podcast Date Fails here.

Here's Kate in bikini and having a lovely meal in Chinatown:

and here's that Miller Lite poster we talk about:


(wait, which one is she?)

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neal crosbie landscape
Zen cowboy painter and musician.

So this week I sit down with an hour chat with artist, musician and cartoonist Neal Crosbie. Back when I was a lad, Neal Crosbie had an alternative comic in one of the weekly papers here in Santa Barbara, these odd strips that featured his Coyote character and jokes that weren't jokes, more like Zen koans.

Fast forward many years, and I began to run into Neal's work hanging in places like the Blue Agave, where it felt like the parts of his comic had been exploded onto the canvas. It's like a zen cowboy met up with Paul Klee and jammed together.

The Walking Around Sutra

He's represented by several national and international galleries, but if you're in Santa Barbara on a Sunday, you can find him at the Cabrillo Blvd. Arts and Crafts walk, which is where I first met him in person and started to set up this interview.

I Think You Already Know What Im Trying to Say
I Think You Already Know What Im Trying to Say

Crosbie is also in a band called Zen Horse Repair along with musician and friend Tom Lackner, among other things. We talk about all sorts of things, and we laugh a lot too. At the moment you can find him at

Artists Named in this Interview:

Limn Gallery
Barry Gordon Gallery
Matt Ubersol and Art Resources
Barry Spacks
Janos Gallery
Tricycle Magazine
Tom Lackner
Kim Cornell
Kenneth Rexroth
Ralph Goings
Cy Twombly
Paul Klee
Pablo Picasso
Georg Baselitz
Jonathan Winters
John Kaneko
Jim Pelleter
John Cage
Shunryƫ Suzuki
Gary Snyder
Robinson Eikenberry
Bruce Winter
Malcolm Anderson
Joe Woodard
Joe Cardella
Art Life
Jean-Michele Basquiat


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