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Two artists together for the first time!

Today on the show we have a live recording from last Friday's opening at MichaelKate Interiors, where I interviewed R. Eddie Hall and Stuart Carey, two very different artists from Carpinteria who curator Jan Ziegler has put together in one show called "Ancient Modern." This is a much shorter podcast than usual because, to paraphrase my theatre director friend Maury, "nobody leaves an art talk saying damn, I wish that was longer." But in this thirty minutes we take in a lot of stuff and learn some things about both these guys, neither of which I've interviewed before.

Stuart Carey's double sided tapestry, left. Eddie Hall's work, right.

Eddie Hall is a sculptor first, but for this show he's made three dimensional canvases out of papier mache and other materials, but really they look like alien life forms coming off the wall. And Stuart Carey's work is jaggedy and sometimes figurative and reminds me a bit of Louis Wain, the cat painter, if you know who I'm talking about, just without the cats. Both guys are kind of spiritual, and both guys talk about something beyond themselves, and a good time was had by all. On the web page for this podcast you'll see work by both of them.

Stuart Carey

The show is up through June 5, so if you're in Santa Barbara please come check it out. You can find Stuart's work at and you can find Eddie Hall's on Facebook at Eddie Hall.

Eddie Hall's "Love" work

Thanks to Jan Ziegler for putting the show together and calling on me to host it.


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Outdoors writer who likes to go Off the Map and Further Off the Map

Today on the show we have backpacker, environmental educator, and author Bryan Snyder. Bryan recently put out a sequel to his first book of nature and hiking essays Off the Map called, you might have guessed, Further Off the Map, over 50 stories of lighting out for the territories of California, Nevada, Oregon, Montana and more, with stops at Burning Man and then a quick sojourn on the African continent.


Bryan has a knack for getting into weird situations and scrapes, and that's what makes the book so fun to read. That, and each chapter is very short. I like those kind of books.

I've known him for a while as a member of the Fishbone crowd here in Santa Barbara, and really had no idea that he was a writer until his book came across my desk and I said, hey that name's familiar. So I reached out and pretty soon we arranged for an interview at his place, which just happens to be this red wooden cabin back in the Los Padres national forest. It's like a 30 minute drive "over the mountain" as they say.


Here's the thing about this episode, and why last week's episode was late. I sat down to edit the show and found that halfway through, for whatever reason, Bryan's microphone crapped out halfway through, leaving him sounding like a Dalek. So two weeks later he graciously had me back to re-record the second half. So thanks again for that, Mr. Snyder, very much appreciated.

Also, if you are a subscriber, and why aren't you, you'll get bonus access to a reading of one of the chapters by Bryan that we recorded especially for this show.

Those poppies on Figueroa Mountain that I told ya' about.

You can find Bryan on his site here.
And you can find him on Facebook here and Instagram here

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Podcasting brothers with a love/hate relationship to pop culture!

Today on the show we have a two-fer! We have two guests, Scott and Adam Cherry, They're twins, and up until recently, they had a very popular podcast/Youtube show called Barbarian Rage, which was a weekly look at the littler known pieces of pop culture from the '80s and '90s. Back in October they invited me on the show to be a guest for their Halloween episode and I used the opportunity to turn right around and record a show with them.

I've been sitting on this episode for a while. It was in the queue, but only a little while after we recorded it, Adam and Scott put their show to rest. But I knew both had new shows they were working on. And both have started back up.


Scott has a show called We Watched It For You, Subtitled "A Guide to the Lesser Known Movies of Netflix." Scott and his various co-hosts--sometimes that's Adam, by the way--watch films that you usually scroll past in your Netflix queue. Movies like Roboshark or Zombeavers or Left Behind or Master of Disguise, all get roasted on this show. They're on 11 episodes so far.

Find it on iTunes and support it on Patreon.

Adam now has a show called Questionable Music, where he and his co-host review terrible, awful, dreadful and usually so-bad-it's-good albums. So far there's only two episodes, one on Joe Piscopo's '80s album New Jersey and a really, really terrible looking Ronald McDonald album.

These brothers love, love, love the detritus of American pop culture, and if you like it too, I highly recommend checking them out. They also make toys and other collectibles for adults.

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Lead singer of Nerf Herder and creator of Song of the Week!

Today on the show we have musician and lead singer of Nerf Herder, Parry Gripp. You may know them from their first hit, Van Halen, from their first album in 1996, back in the day when MTV showed music videos. They’ve got their sixth album, Rockingham out right now, their first in eight years. Here's a track:

But if you have kids, like pre-teens, or maybe you are a kid, you’ll know Parry from the numerous songs he’s written for the Song of the Week site. Songs about cute animal internet memes—he’s got ‘em, he’s immortalized them. Spaghetti cat? Yes. A monkey riding backwards on a pig. Yep. Got that too. And it all started with this ode to waffles:

We’ll talk about how he went from punk to kids music, along with scoring songs for the Disney Channel shows and more. The man is a restless, creative person, and I’ve been wanting to talk to him for ages. But we’ve never really sat down and had this chat, until now.

You can find the band at and Parry himself at
He's also on Instagram and of course on YouTube.

Here's some more of my personal favorite Gripp ditties:


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